The phase-contrast TEM can envision the high-contrast images of nano structures of soft-materials, such as liposomes, viruses, bacteria, cells, protein molecules, nano particles, toner, plastics and rubber, etc., without staining process which may cause damages on the subjects. The natural structure of the sample distributed in the solution can be observed by preparing the sample with rapid vitreous ice embedding method and using cryo phase-contrast TEM.

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Basic Information of Terabase Inc.

(1) Business Lines
(a) Observation of samples by the phase-contrast Transmission Electron microscopy(TEM ) under the agreement between the client and Terabase.
(b) Production and marketing of the phase plate and the development of hardware relating to the TEM
(c) Developing the technology to capture the DNA sequencing

(2)General Information
Established : March 2006
Address : Higashiyama 5-1,Myodaiji, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
Shareholders: JEOL(listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange ) Board members and other individuals. Venture Capital Funds

(3)Corporate History

2002: Prof. Nagayama began to develop the phase plate TEM at Okazaki Bio-Science Center

2003: Established IP management firm( named Nagayama IP) in the U.S..

2006: ?Terabase Inc was launched
?Terabase Inc and National Institutes of Natural Sciences established Research Collaboration Agreement
?Terabase Inc. established the exclusive licensing agreement with Nagayama IP
?Terabase Inc. established the outsourcing agreement with JEOL and Toyota Tsusho Corp.
?Terabase Inc.was recognized the first venture company in the National Institute for Physiological Sciences(NIPS)
?Prof.Nagayama was awarded at Japanese Society of Microscopy

2008: IP was registered in terms of analyzing DNA sequencing by phase plate TEM

2010: Terabase Inc. shipped 500kV TEM to NIPS.